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Small Pools for Confined Spaces

Outdoor living is synonymous with the Australian lifestyle but as homes become larger to accommodate expansive floor plans, the outdoor garden space is becoming increasingly smaller leaving very little room for a conventional swimming pool.

Albatross Pools are pleased to introduce the Courtyard Series, three small pools designed for confined spaces. A Courtyard Series pool can simply be a pleasing aesthetic addition to your garden creating a tranquil and serene feature or a point of entertainment providing a fun place for escape and relaxation for your family and friends. Best of all, due to the compact nature of the Courtyard Series pools, they are extremely easy and low cost to maintain and heat year round.

How to customise your Courtyard Series pool?

No two outdoor spaces are the same nor are the functional or aesthetical requirements of each client. For this reason, Albatross Pools specialise in inground pre-engineered steel swimming pools individually designed and built to best suit a client’s outdoor space and lifestyle.

Established in 1969, Albatross Pools has the knowledge and experience to present the Courtyard Series, three unique pools specifically designed to work within the parameters of confined outdoor spaces. The Petite, The Classique and The Grande are rectangular in shape, range in size and feature a wrap around purpose built comfort seat in the shallows. Alternate seat designs are available along with a myriad of colours and enhancement options to choose from including CleanAssist™, Ionic Fresh Water Purification, Swim Jets, Heating Systems and much more.

Simply follow the four steps provided to customise your Courtyard Series pool to best suit your outdoor space and lifestyle.

Step 1. decide on Your Courtyard Pool Size

Sizing from 3000 x 2000mm

Step 2. Choose Your Seat Design

Each Courtyard Series pool features a wrap around comfort seat in the shallows easily accommodating your family and friends. The seating area incorporates a unique gently padded underlining laminate (exclusive to Albatross Pools) providing a cushioned effect – the kids will absolutely love it (and you will too)! Additional steps can also be incorporated into the wrap around comfort seat design or choose from a range of alternate seat options.

Step 3. Pick your Pool Colour

A Courtyard Series pool features a sanitised waterproof Aqualux interior that is both satin smooth and non-slip. Whilst soft to touch, it remains an extremely tough pool interior requiring virtually no maintenance and cannot chip, peel, crack, separate, leech chemicals or blister like some other pool interiors. Aqualux is available in a multitude of colours from ocean resort-style blues through to modern patterns and metallic designs. Choose to make a bold statement with a dark colour or opt for a lighter colour and your pool will blend into its natural courtyard surrounds.

Step 4. Add Enhancement Options to Your Courtyard Pool

You have now chosen your pool size, comfort seat design and pool interior colour. Adding your chosen enhancement options is the next and final step in customising your Courtyard Series pool. Your budget, desired lifestyle and how you intend to entertain family and friends in your new outdoor space should be kept in mind when considering each Courtyard Series pool enhancement option.

Energy Efficient Pool Pump

Compact in design, each Courtyard Series pool comes complete with a filtration system including a water efficient cartridge filter and standard pool pump. Reduce your filtration costs even further and choose to upgrade your standard pool pump to an eight star energy efficient variable speed pump. Quiet operation enables off peak filtration and the three speed settings delivers optimal flow rates for your pool.

Pool Sanitisation

Providing sparkling clear pool water, each Courtyard Series pool features an Automated Inline Feeder System. Easy to use, a Feeder System produces consistent yet seasonally adjustable sanitiser levels for better protection year round.* Looking for an alternative to chlorinated pool water? Upgrade to an environmentally friendly Ionic Fresh Water Purification system, delivering fresh odour free pool water reducing the amount of chlorine and maintenance chemicals required year round.

Pool Cleaning

The compact nature of the Courtyard Series pools, together with the modern advancements in swimming pool equipment mean they require very little maintenance at all. If however you require a virtually maintenance free option Albatross Pools have developed the CleanAssist™ option specifically designed for this small range of pools. CleanAssist™ has two dirt removing base drains together with a series of strategically placed jets designed to sweep the pool floor yet not distract from the aesthetic appeal of your small pool.

Pool Lighting

Small outside spaces are typically well lit for outdoor entertaining of family and friends. Set the mood by choosing to add an underwater LED light to further enhance this space. Available in single colour and multi colour options, an LED pool light will add another dimension of ambience when entertaining.

Pool Heating

A swimming pool, whilst largely an investment in your family’s lifestyle, is after all also a considerable financial investment. It is with this in mind that extending your pool’s usage makes a great deal of sense. A gas heater, also known as a ‘heat on demand system’ will not only extend the swim season, but with the addition of a thermal pool blanket, will allow you to swim and entertain year round. Standard and environmentally friendly options are available as well as optional solar heating systems.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are a fantastic option for any pool as they not only keep debris from the pool but they virtually eliminate evaporation loss. If your Courtyard Series pool is heated they are almost imperative, as they will retain the heat and vastly reduce not only the heat up time but also the heat up cost. For heat retention consider the Heatshield™ Thermal Pool Cover but alternatively a solar blanket is also an option and is lightweight to handle. Either cover alternative is available with an optional roller for ease of removal if required.

Swim Jets

Looking for a low impact workout to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscle and joint strength but don’t have the room for a lap pool? Enhance your Courtyard Series pool with a powerful swim jet system. Quiet in operation, the swim jet system delivers adjustable smooth water flow allowing you to set the pace and swim great lengths in the comfort and privacy of your own home. For effective and efficient operation, a minimum pool length of 4.5m is recommended, The Classique and The Grande is ideally suited for the system.

Alternate Jets

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and turn your comfort seat area into a multipurpose spa with the added enhancement of an alternate jet system, choose from:

  • Standard Spa Jets: Six venturi driven spa jets are strategically positioned around the comfort seat area in the pool shallows.
  • Turbo Power Jets: A blower manifold in the pool floor with auto switch controller is combined with six spa jets creating a therapeutic spa-like experience.