Plunge Pool Design
Plunge Pool Design
Plunge Pool Design
Plunge Pool Design

Apex Pools custom design and build plunge pools of virtually all shapes and sizes across the Illawarra.

Block sizes are becoming smaller and the family home is occupying a greater amount of space, leaving very little room for a swimming pool. Many people believe they are unable to build a swimming pool, as they simply don’t have the room. Due to the flexibility in design of a pre-engineered steel pool, Apex Pools can custom design a plunge pool to make the most of the limited area available.

The Design

The design of a plunge pool will be determined by the space available. In most cases the proposed plunge pools area won’t be a uniform shape whereby a square or rectangular pool would suit. If the proposed plunge pools area is triangular in nature, a triangle plunge pool may be worth considering and is definitely achievable with the Apex pool system. Or, if the proposed plunge pools area incorporates a boundary fence, perhaps one side of the pool could be straight whilst the others are curved to some degree resembling a b-shape plunge pool, a semi circular plunge pool or perhaps something completely freeform. The plunge pools design is virtually limitless with an Apex Pools swimming pool.

Due to the small nature of a plunge pool, it is essential that special consideration be given to the entry steps and bench seats.

The Dimensions

A plunge pool is any small pool up to 5 metres long and 3 metres wide. Similarly to the design, the dimensions will be determined by the small space available. Depending on the client brief, a pool smaller than 3 metres long and 1.5 metres wide can become impractical from a usability point of view.

The Options

Although limited in size, a plunge pool is a small pool, which can greatly benefit from a number of additional pool options:
  1. Heating – given the small volume of water, Apex Pools highly recommends incorporating a solar pool heating system along with some form of ‘demand heating’ system such as a gas pool heater or pool heat pump. A combination plunge pool heating system would enable year round use for the whole family.
  2. Cover – if the plunge pool is to be used year round, a pool cover is recommended to ensure heat is retained. An ABGAL Silverback Solar Pool Cover could be considered or if budget allows, Apex Pools could incorporate an automated REMCO Pool Cover into the design of the pool.
  3. Swim Jets – if a client seeks to achieve fitness in a plunge pool, a high powered independent swim jet system can be incorporated into the design of the pool providing enough resistance to do laps on a continuous basis.

Whether it is a small unusual space or extremely limited access, Apex Pools specialise in custom designed plunge pools to suit the site conditions and desired lifestyle.

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